"The class was very educational regarding breathing techniques and the benefits of proper breathing.  What I learned has been useful in helping me relax and fall asleep at night.
Fran W (62)

ML is here to inspire both you and your company. I encourage you to give it a try and create your own testimonial on how breathing meditation can positively impact your life too.

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"Mary Lisa is professional, knowledgeable,

and approachable. Her breathing class is

great for any age! My daughter and I often remind each other to breathe properly. "
Kim D (40) and Callie D (14)

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About Me

My goal is to teach The Breathing Class to as many individuals, groups & corporations as I can. We all need to learn how breath awareness can positively impact our mental and physical health (without costly pills). With Dr. Belisa and through my own practice I've taught The Breathing Class to hundreds of people including FDNY, Leadership Under Fire, Jump Trading, Google, WeWork, Brookdale and District 90 River Forest. I've worked with teens, college students, professional executives and the elderly. As one client said to me "This really works. You're on to something!"

Let me start by explaining that I was raised by a Sicilian Mother. Sicilians are not calm or worry free, ever. As I spent 20+ years working for corporations like Blue Cross, Kodak and Classified Ventures, I also got married and had two children. Add in aging parents with severe health issues and friends fighting cancer and life quickly felt stressful. While working in my 20's and 30's, I ended up in the emergency room a few times with neck/back pain so severe I couldn't move. I was sent home with anti-inflammatory & muscle relaxer pills. I would sigh and yawn all day long. No one every taught me that I wasn't breathing, and the sighs/yawns were my body's way of telling me to breathe. 

Six years ago I started practicing meditation and learned the importance of breathing properly. Things started to change. My sleep improved. I was visibly more relaxed.  In 2017 I studied under Dr. Belisa Vranich and became certified to teach her Breathing Class. The class is a stress-reduction and mindfulness class that focuses on oxygenation and relaxation. You will be able to identify your dysfunctional breathing patterns, benefit immediately from the exercises taught in the class and leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. Learn how to improve your mental and physical health by breathing the way your body was meant to breathe.

Poor breathing puts you at risk for depression, memory issues, low energy, high blood pressure, digestive issues, sleep issues, chronic pain, anxiety and more. Contact me to teach you a "life-changing" class that will immediately impact your health and wellness.

ML (Mary Lisa) Wahlfeldt
Owner and Instructor