Client Feedback

Clients experience with The Breathing Class

  • I had sleep issues for over 20 years. After a couple of weeks practicing the breathing exercises, I can sleep through the night!
  • My blood pressure was high, my doctor warned me that if I couldn't reduce it with changes in diet and exercise, he would have to put me on medication. After practicing the breathing exercises a few minutes each day, one month later, my blood pressure was lower and medication was not necessary.
  • I wouldn't have gotten through my cancer treatments without the breathing.
  • I had a panic attack for the first time in my life. I immediately remembered the belly breathing ML taught me. After a few breaths, the panic attack stopped and I was able to calm myself down.
  • I was on a turbulent flight with my kids, and I was anxious. I didn't want the kids to worry. I did the counting breathing exercise for a couple of minutes. It really calmed me down and help get me through the flight.